Greater St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church

Dr. C.P. Noble, Pastor -- Tuskegee, Alabama

Youth Ministry
St. Mark Praise Dancers give Award-Winning Performance at Youth Rally !!!

What Youth activities do we offer?

  • Youth Fellowship and Bible Study
  • Youth Sunday
  • Youth Ushers
  • Youth Praise Dancers
  • Youth Steppers
  • Young Adult/College Choir
  • Children/Youth Choir
  • Sunbeams
  • Red Circle
  • Crusaders
  • Youth Explosion/Re-energize Learning and Fun Day
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Youth Rally
  • Youth Retreats

Youth Ministry Leaders:
Sis. Janice Robinson
Bro. Tommy Robinson

Youth Ministers:

Rev. Kenneth Felton
Rev. Darryl Taylor
Rev. John Lett
Rev. Christopher Dickerson

The Youth Ministry of the Greater St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church is dedicated to the continual spiritual growth of the youth of Greater St. Mark and the surrounding communities.

Our mission is to keep young people motivated, inspired, and informed through various activities, organized events, outings, and participation. 

We constantly seek new methods of reaching young people and keeping them attuned to the Word of God.
We encourage young people to actively participate in Church activities. 

The Youth Ministry conducts the devotion and morning worship service every 2nd Sunday, which is "Youth Sunday."  During this service, our youth participate in every aspect of the worship service--from the devotion to offertory prayer, to youth choirs, and a youth minister.  We believe this helps instill leadership and Christian development of youth within the church body as well as insuring the future of the church.

Don't forget Youth Fellowship and Bible Study every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.  Come out and have fun learning about the Lord!

Young People!!  Don't forget to keep God in everything you do!  When you get ready to do something, stop and ask yourself "What would Jesus Do?" (WWJD)